Professional Learning

Coaching Sessions with Professors-in-Residence

Teacher candidates have the opportunity to receive job-embedded coaching and support from their on-site Professor-in-Residence. Coaching conversations center around student learning and best practices, such as Culturally Responsive Teaching, Universal Design for Learning, Student Engagement, and Self-Care. 

Learn more about the role of the Professor-in-Residence in providing coaching support by watching the video below.

Learning About Latest Research 

 Partnerships with local education agencies (LEAs), universities, state education agencies (SEA), and national researchers and federally funded Centers. 

Teaching Diverse Backgrounds and disabilities

Meeting student disabilities and backgrounds by providing authentic clinical experiences for prospective teachers in High Need School.

Participating on Instructional Teams 

  • UCF  teacher candidates

  • OCPS Supervising teachers

  • UCF Professors-in-Residence

  • OCPS Instructional Coaches 

Sustaining and Improving Professional Learning

Building sustainable connections among researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

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